Welcome to Worsthorne Brewing Company

Drinking a glass of beer is one of the real pleasures in life, and that one we at Worsthorne Brewing Company know we can provide to the discerning beer drinker. We brew beers we love to drink, but even more, we  love sharing our creations with others. Using only the finest malt and hops to create new and exciting beers, we craft beers that can be appreciated by both those new to real ale, and to seasoned drinkers.


Worsthorne Brewing Co. Ltd is a member of SIBA, the Society of Independent Brewers, and is enrolled in the SIBA Food Safety and Quality Scheme. We have recently (2/8/2018) been awarded a 5 (the highest score) under the National Food Hygiene rating scheme, operated by the Food Standards Agency in conjunction with Burnley Borough Council.



Our Ales

Good beer is hand reared


Take part in a creative group that teaches you how to craft wood products. Exercises on how to use wood tools and woodworking techniques.


Gain expertise in glass-forming techniques by inflating molten glass into a bubble using a blowpipe. You’ll receive constant supervision and guidance.


Make your own pottery wares and impress your friends with your unique and creative results. Understand and practice the end-to-end pottery process.
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