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Drinking a glass of beer is one of the real pleasures in life, and one we at Worsthorne Brewing Company know we can provide to an unprecedented quality. We brew beers we love to drink, and we love even more sharing our creations with others. 

Using only the finest malt and hops to create new and exciting beers, we craft beers that can be adored by both novices of real ale and seasoned drinkers.


Pull a chair, pour a pint, enjoy our beer

We sure do, we're certain you will too.

- Michael Whittaker, Owner

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Cask Ales

Our Ales

See what quality products we are currently brewing, you'll find the ale for your customers here!

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Find our contact information here, Lancashire's best beer is just a phone call away!

We aim to constantly produce new products, so please revisit this web site to see what is available.

For price list and availability, please contact us. If contacting by e-mail, please give the name and address of the licensed premises, the licensee and a contact telephone number.

Please enjoy our range of fine ales responsibly.
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