Good beer is hand reared

We currently have the following beers on offer, but please check for availability:

Gold. A lightly bittered beer, with a spicy aroma, the distinctive taste of this 3.6% ale is achieved using classic Eastern European hops.

Packhorse 3.7%. This light amber bitter has a subtle earthy bitterness, and a floral spicy finish achieved using Marynka hops.

Some Like It Blonde is a refreshing blonde style beer. At 3.9% ABV, this beer has a delightful hoppy aftertaste, acheived using a blend of European and New Zealand hops. This beer, appeals to those new to real ale, as well as seasoned drinkers. Marilyn Monroe inspired the name - and why not?

Old Trout, a red / brown ale with an ABV of 4.5%, is a homage to the peaty, trout-rich waters that abound in the hills around Worsthorne. This beer is proving to be a firm favourite.

Christened in honour of Burnley's mining heritage, Collier's Clog is a strong pale ale, 5.5% ABV. This lightly bittered beer has a good balanced body with a citrus after-taste. This strong ale has a character of it's own, and, as in any encounter with a collier's clog, beware of the kick!

'Red Man' This light bitter, at 4.2%,  with a distinct grapefruit after-taste was first produced in the summer as an Olympic Beer, but proved so popular that it has been re-named, and brought back as a permanent feature in our range.

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'Blackthorne Stout'  4.9% This rich dark stout has chocolate, liquorish and vanilla overtones, with a smooth, burnt finish and a hint of ripe berries.