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We currently have the following beers on offer, but please check for availability

All beer is supplied in 9 gallon casks or pins


Gold 3.6% ABV  

This lightly bittered golden ale has a spicy aroma, acheived using eastern European hops.        

Packhorse 3.7% ABV

This light amber bitter is our most popular 'traditional bitter'. It has a subtle earthy bitterness, and a floral spicy finish achieved using Marynka hops. Delightfully moorish, this beer has been hugely popular from the first time we brewed it.


Some Like It Blonde 3.9% ABV

A refreshing blonde style beer, this beer has a delightful hoppy aftertaste achieved using a blend of European and New Zealand hops. This beer appeals to those new to real ale, as well as seasoned veterans. This crisp, blonde beer is a firm favourite.



Summer Special  3.9%

Refreshing blonde beer with a citrus finish. Ideal to enjoy on a hot summer day, this beer goes down well anytime.

Chestnut Mare 4.0% ABV

A smooth, dark bitter with liquorice overtones. Deceptively easy drinking beer, full of taste and very satisfying. 


Great White 4.2%


The latest beer to be brewed by us, Great White is a single hop blonde, smooth and rounded with slight citrus overtones. Very easy drinking, you'll be tempted to think you're going to need a bigger glass.  Perfact answer to the question 'What's Jaws?'

Red Man 4.2% ABV

A light bitter, with distinct grapefruit aftertaste. First produced in Summer 2012 as an Olympic beer, the original proved so popular it was renamed after a local landmark and brought back as a permanent resident on our cask list.

Old Trout 4.5% ABV

A red/brown ale- this beer is beautifully balanced, lightly bittered and very smooth to drink.

Winner of:

  • 'Best Beer in Festival' at East Lancs CAMRA Burnley Beer Festival 2014
  • GOLD medal for 'Best Premium Bitter' at the SIBA North West Region Beer Competition 2014
  • National Finalist in the SIBA BeerX finals in March 2015.

                                      A beer for those who appreciate quality and craftmanship.

Blackthorne Stout 4.9% ABV

A delightfully rich, dark stout with distinct chocolate and liquorice notes, leading to a hint of ripe berries and a smooth bitter aftertaste.  This stout has won over serious stout drinkers wherever it is sold, and won a bronze medal at the SIBA North West Beer Competition in 2016.

Collier's Clog 5.5% ABV

Honouring Burnley's mining heritage, Collier's Clog is a strong pale ale. This lightly bittered beer has an excellent balanced body with a citrus aftertaste. This beer has a character of its own, and, as in any encounter with a collier's clog- beware of the kick!

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