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All beer is supplied in 9 gallon casks or pins. We also have 18 gallon kilderkins available to order. Please enquire for details.


Please contact our sales team for details. They will be happy to discuss our products with you, or arrange for one of our experienced team to visit you. We can also supply direct to the public, please ring for further details.




Gold 3.6% ABV  


This lightly bittered golden ale has a spicy aroma, acheived using eastern European hops.      


Currently unavailable 

Packhorse 3.7% ABV


This light amber bitter is our most popular 'traditional bitter'. It has a subtle earthy bitterness, and a floral spicy finish. Delightfully moorish, this beer has been hugely popular from the first time we brewed it.


Palomino 3.9%  ABV


The latest pedigree beer from the Worsthorne Stables. This light, blonde beer has a smooth rounded bitterness and subtle spicy aftertaste.

Some Like It Blonde   3.9% ABV


A refreshing blonde style beer, this beer has a delightful hoppy aftertaste due to a blend of European and New Zealand hops. This beer appeals to those new to real ale, as well as seasoned veterans. This crisp, blonde beer is a firm favourite.



Summer Knights  3.9% ABV


Refreshing blonde beer with a citrus finish. Our seasonal beer, this beer goes down well anytime.

Chestnut Mare 4.0% ABV


A smooth, dark bitter with liquorice overtones. Deceptively easy drinking beer, full of taste and very satisfying. 


Queen's Lancashire Regiment Bitter 3.9% ABV


This delightful blonde beer has been produced to raise funds for the Queen's Lancashire Regiment Veterans Charity. The brewery will donate to the charity for every cask sold. The Veterans Charity helps to support the thousands of military veterans who served in The Queen's Lancashire Regiment, and we are proud to be associated with them. 

Great White 4.2% ABV


The latest beer to be brewed by us, Great White is a single hop blonde, smooth and rounded with slight citrus overtones. Very easy drinking, you'll be tempted to think you're going to need a bigger glass.  Perfect answer to the question 'What's Jaws?'



Red Man 4.2% ABV


A light bitter, with distinct grapefruit aftertaste. First produced in Summer 2012 as an Olympic beer, the original proved so popular it was renamed after a local landmark and brought back as a permanent resident on our cask list.

Old Trout 4.5% ABV


This Red Ale is beautifully balanced, lightly bittered and very smooth to drink.

A firm favourite with all those who appreciate a beer with real character.

Old Trout is now available in bottles.

Winner of:

  • 'Best Beer in Festival' at East Lancs CAMRA Burnley Beer Festival 2014
  • GOLD medal for 'Best Premium Bitter' at the SIBA North West Region Beer Competition 2014
  • National Finalist in the SIBA BeerX finals in Sheffield in March 2015.


Blackthorne Stout 4.9% ABV


A delightfully rich, dark stout with distinct chocolate and liquorice notes, leading to a hint of ripe berries and a smooth bitter aftertaste.  This stout has won over serious stout drinkers wherever it is sold, and won a BRONZE medal at the SIBA North West Beer Competition in 2016.

Collier's Clog 5.5% ABV


Honouring Burnley's mining heritage, Collier's Clog is a strong pale ale. This lightly bittered beer has an excellent balanced body with a citrus aftertaste. This beer has a character of its own, and, as in any encounter with a collier's clog- beware of the kick!


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