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This is part of our new brewery being installed during October 2016. This new equipment replaced our original 5 barrel plant.



A selection of some of the malts we use, to produce our wide range of beers. We procuce a range of beers fron Blondes to Stout. Each uses it's own unique combination of malts.



The malt, in the mash tun, being sprayed with hot water during the 'sparging' process.

This washes out the sugars from the malt, ready to be boiled with hops in the copper.

Crop Circles!

This is the pattern produced on the top of the malt during the sparging process, after the wort has been drained.

The 'spent' malt, after it has been sparged is supplied to a local farmer as cattle feed - of course there is no alcohol at this stage of the process.



Wieghed and ready to go into the copper. Hundreds of varieties of hop ensure that brewers can always come up with a unique flavour of beer.

Transfer of the beer to the fermenter


After the wort has been boiled, it is transferred to the fermenter, then yeast is added and allowed to work it's magic. The fermentation process takes anything between 3 days and a week, depending on the strength and type of beer.

Casks waiting to be cleaned


One of the most important jobs in the brewery is the cleaning of casks. Each returned cask is washed, both inside and out, thoroughly cleaned, rinsed and sterilised, before being visually inspected, prior to refilling.



Here the finished beer is being transferred into casks, ready to place in our temperature controlled store, where it will condition at  until it is sent out for your delight.



Casks of ale, conditioning in our cold room. Casks will usually stay here for a minimum of a week before being delivered for sale.

The Bar


Our premises are licenced, and we have a bar, where you can sample our beers



Our Gold Medal award for best Premium Bitter - Old Trout. 

                                             New Pie!


Haffner's Steak and Worsthorne Ale, baked using our Blackthorne Stout. Yum!

We are located at:

Briercliffe Brewery

Unit 11, Siberia Mill

Holgate Street



BB10 2HQ

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