These are some photos from our brewery. We constantly update this page, so new and hopefully interesting items will be added regularly.


We brew our beers using only the finest malts. The barley for our Pale malts is grown in Scotland, but we also source our coloured malts from both England and Germany.

Variety is the key

We use a range of malts to give each of our beers its own distinctive flavour. The malts range from lager and pale ale malt to chocolate malt and roasted barley.


The malts are combined according to the type of beer, and mixed with hot water in the mash tun, to allow the starch in the crushed grains to convert to sugar.


The wort is then drained from the mash tun, and transferred to the copper, where it is boiled with hops. Hot water is sprayed onto the malts, using a rotating arm, to wash out all the sugars, in a process know as sparging, leaving a distinctive pattern on the surface.


We use a range of  hops, each designed to impart different flavours and characteristics to the beers


After boiling, and cooling, the beer is transferred to the fermenter, where yeast is added, where it performs its magic of transforming the sugars into alcohol.


The finished beer is transferred into casks, then placed in cool storage for several days to condition, before being sent out to customers.


Satisfying customers is our top priority. After conditioning for a few days, the beer is ready to drink.